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Home Plan Pro โปรแกรมออกแบบบ้าน

Posted on ตุลาคม 27, 2553 by PG-Webmaster

Home Plan Pro
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Picture is from another version but the Pro looks the same.
Software Description:Many CAD programs are designed for architects and engineers. Thesecan be expensive, as well as hard to learn, and difficult to use.
Home Plan Pro is designed to quickly and easily draw good-quality,straightforward designs.
--Integrated on-line help--Multiple drawing layers--Built-in fax driver faxes your plans anywhere in the world--Metric or USA Measurements--Dozens of Fill Patterns--Draw with Mouse and Keyboard--Hundreds of Resizeable, Rotatable Figures--Print on any paper your Windows printer driver supports--Choose drawing colors, line styles, fill patterns, etc.--Draw objects from a few inches to thousands of feet in size
--Resolutions down to 1/16 of an Inch when zoomed in--Save Drawing in bitmap or vector format--Optional, Adjustable Snap Grid--keep an Activity Log to track your time on each plan--Fill any Wall with framing, patterns or solid colors--Calculate Square Feet or Meters--Clip and Save Sections for Use in Other Drawings--Delete Drawing Objects or User-defined Sections--Dozens of Fill Patterns--Draw with Mouse and Keyboard--Hundreds of Resizeable, Rotatable Figures--Measure Cursor Movement with On-screen "Odometers"--Multiple Line Styles--Multiple Text Sizes--Repeat or Clone the Last Action--Resize All or Part of Drawings--Undo/Redo the Last Action--View & Delete Individual Elements from Drawing--Zoom In or Out
If you are in a business that passes documents around to be reviewed and edited over and over before they are ready to be posted for advertising or for a client, then you have probably already heard of a software solution to help keep your "floating" documents organized from Groove Network. You may not be aware that there is another option out there. In this article you will be presented with some basic information about the differences in collaboration software from Groove Network and NextPage.
Idea behind collaboration software.
The central idea behind having collaboration software is that it allows business professionals to work directly with other business professionals by allowing them to work together to create business documents, presentations, and budgets. Most collaboration software is centralized. This allows business professionals to work on the same documents at the same time from different locations. Some centralized collaboration software solutions include Groove Network, Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, and Filenet.
Groove Network Advantages.
There are a few advantages to using centralized collaboration software such as Groove Network. The main advantage being that they work very well for team collaboration. Groove Network's software keeps all files, projects, and data in one centralized location that everyone who is working on the project can access. This allows them to review and update the same document that everyone else has used, which essentially keeps everyone working on the same page.
Drawbacks to Groove Network.
While the collaboration software solution provided by Groove Network is very useful and beneficial, there are a few drawbacks to using it. The main disadvantage being that Groove Network's software requires the use of an IT infrastructure. Another potential drawback is that it requires an extensive amount of installation time. Other collaboration software options out there also require everyone you work with to have the same software in order to share information. All of these drawbacks to centralized collaboration software can be very expensive and inconvenient.
Are there any other options?
An alternative solution to the centralized collaboration software is NextPage. NextPage 1.5 Collaboration Software tracks documents with Digital Thread technology. Say, for instance, that you are working on your company's budget. You want to make sure that your facts and figures are correct so you send your spreadsheet to several of your co-workers for review. They look over the spreadsheet and make the necessary changes. They then return their spreadsheet version to you, and with NextPage 1.5, you simply merge the document versions together into one. NextPage 1.5 lets you see all of this visually via a graphical version history. With the graphical version history, you would always know where the various versions of your spreadsheet are stored, what changes have been made, who has reviewed your spreadsheet, when the revisions were made, and how the revisions fit together. NextPage makes it easy to see where the document has been and what revisions have been made.
So what are the major advantages of using NextPage?
The major advantages to using NextPage's collaboration software include the following:
? Do NOT need a centralized server
? Do NOT need an IT infrastructure
? Installation can be done in a matter of minutes
? Will work with associates who are NOT NextPage subscribers
? Solves document management problems where they originate
In conclusion, if you are in a business that could greatly benefit from using collaboration software, look at and evaluate the possible software options out there and see which one will be of the most benefit to you in your company. I have presented a few ideas for you to think about and get you started in your decision. So get out there and organize your document management!
Mike Nielsen is a client account specialist with 10xMarketing - More Visitors. More Buyers. More Revenue. For more information about Groove Network, visit